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Trust Based on Experience

To quote the American Indian Proverb, “we have walked a mile in your moccasins” SUMMIT Specialty Transport is the only transportation company in the St. Louis area that is owned and operated by a licensed nursing home administrator.

SUMMIT’s Founder and Owner is Robyn Tweedy who served as Executive Director for St. Luke’s Hospital’s Surrey Place from 1996 through 2017.

Last Minute Requests!

SUMMIT  Specialty Transport will help with short notice trips, including evening, weekend, and holiday trips.  Let us take the trips that are difficult for your community to provide during off hours!

Many senior living social workers have experienced the panic of last minute transportation trip needs.  SUMMIT Specialty Transport anticipates these short notice requests and has an on-call driver available to meet your needs within 15 minutes of our Westport Corporate Office!

Hospital Transitions to Rehab

SUMMIT  Specialty Transport Driver Specialists are trained to communicate to SNF Rehab Admitting nurse: the transfer technique used in the hospital, the patient’s weight bearing status, and medical equipment used in the hospital (i.e. wheelchair, walker, or cane), 

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